Diligence On The Internet?

When you are on the internet, is it important to explain who you are?

I believe there are positives and negatives to both sides whether you express yourself online or not. At the same time, a person has to surf the web with diligence no matter what they are doing on the internet.

Let me paint a picture of my opinion. There is a left side and right side of a spectrum. On the left side you have a person who has gone to the extreme to  put there complete identity on their social media profile for example; their name, profile picture, phone number, Date of birth, location of where they live, their gender, their race, and etc. On the right side, their profile is completely blank with zero information except, well, their name. This gives people on the internet the opportunity to shape their own identity.

The positives of the left side of the spectrum include the aspect that friends, family, and colleges can search you and keep in touch. It allows us to shape our own identity over the internet and gives us the opportunity to express our opinion. It gives each of us the ability to take credit for online action. However, this also can be a negative when people post things that are regarded as “offside” comments.  For people on the right side of the spectrum this would be a positive. Another positive would be that people that don’t advertise themselves on the internet have the freedom to post anything they want without any consequences.

In conclusion, I think it is extremely important to be careful of what type of information a person put on a blog, Face book, and any other types of profiled type websites. This can be a huge cause for concern in regards to a person’s digital foot print because it can come back and bite a person.


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