The Nomination


Within our culture, there has been a new trend. I’m not talking about your ordinary trend. Our social media has adopted these nomination schemes. Now what are they? In Alyson Henrys blog she describes one of these ruthless nominations as:

“NEKNOMINATION is an online drinking game that has gained momentum in recent weeks in Ireland. The aim of the game is to down a pint of alcohol and then nominate someone else to do the same, giving them a window of 24 hours to do so.”

            Realistically, this is just another stupid trend that gives parents another thing to worry about. Over its existence on social media, this challenge has stolen five lives. Lately, over Facebook the ‘Neknomination’ trend has slowly died off and the origin of the trend has sparked more nomination types. For example, girls are trending a no make-up selfie that is suppose to inspire confidence.  Another example that has kind of went the complete opposite direction of the negative Neknomination, is the health nomination as well as the cross-fit nomination.

            The health nomination is a sarcastic knock-off where people are making and consuming healthy meals. The Cross-fit nomination also follows the sarcastic trend in a positive way and mocks the Neknomination. They videotape themselves going through a work out and then they put it on a social media source.

 I personally think it’s hilarious how people even give these ‘competitions’ the time of day. However, I think it is important that we take the positives out of these.  I think it is also important to notice the people that aren’t going through with the Neknominations anymore and it only went as far as it did. I think this trend could have been way worse and could have taken a lot more lives. It gives me a sense of comfort that there are people that don’t conform to these trends. Obviously, humanity has woken up and generally noticed that it wasn’t good for society.

The thing I worry about, within our society is, what’s next? How much worse can it get? And what are the implications going to be?