What Makes A Blog Attractive?

While doing some reading over some attractive blogs, I noticed some techniques that occurred in the majority of them. These techniques grabbed my interest and obviously many other readers. I broke these techniques into five categories. These techniques were quite evident in many of these successful blogs and attracted many viewers.

Here are the five points to which think makes a blog successful:

1-      Clear- When I say clear I mean that the blog is well written. The vocabulary was well put and very concise. They aren’t boring and dull.  The words made me feel comfortable when I read a good blog. When I say comfortable, I mean that the average human being can understand the material but at the same time the  words are still advanced. The material is casually expressed.

2-      Structure- The structure in these well written blogs are organized. I think that it makes it easier to read when opinions are short and put into individual paragraphs. I found it attractive when the sentence structure was efficient in many of those blogs. When there is a good mix of simple, compound, and complex sentences I find it more attractive as well. I believe having Declarative, Interrogative, Imperative, and Exclamatory  sentences are also essential to having an attractive blog. It mixes things up and makes it fun to read.

3-      Hyperlinks- I found it very reliable when the blog used hyperlinks to make their blog more credible. This was important to get a good insight to see where they are coming from. It expressed quick and efficient information; however it gave me an option to pursue the subject more if I wanted more information on the material.

4-      Videos/pictures- Videos and pictures were also a trend that I saw on most of the blogs that I read. They gave me an visual experience on what they are writing about. It casually expresses their informative opinion or gives an visual example of something. It made it a lot easier on me to get what they were saying.

5-      Informative opinions- I found the blogs that had very informative opinions were more easier to read and that was what attracted me to the blog. When a blog makes me think about a topic that interests me it grabs my attention. I think that that is extremely important because it gives me an opportunity to think about it and develop my own opinion.

I will leave you with the opportunity to research through some blogs and develop some opinions on what makes a blog successful. Look closely at those blogs and see if those 5 techniques truly give an edge to a blogger.


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