2014 Canadian Olympic team

Since January 7th, 2014 when the Canadian Men’s Olympic team roster was dramatically unveiled, Canadians haven’t stopped buzzing about it. The Olympics are a passionate time for every country. Nevertheless Canadians takes passion for men’s hockey to a whole new level. Regardless of how much you like the game in Canada, you can’t seem to escape the hype all together.

When picking team Canada there are so many variables that factor in. You combine that with the amount of talent throughout the country and I can guarantee you that you will not make every Canadian satisfied. When Steve Yzerman, Peter Cherelli, Kevin Lowe, Ken Holland and the rest of the coaching staff picked this team they stated that they wanted to build a team that is built for the Olympic sized ice surface, they wanted a big bodied team, and experience. Now these guys are professionals and they poured there heart and soul into scouting each and every player on the roster. However; I want to address the fact that I believe 3 other players should have made this team considering what they can bring to the table:

1)      Martin St. Louis – Aside from the fact that he has relations with Yzerman, he kept this team from drowning in the basement of the entire NHL without, star center man, Steven Stamkos. St.Louis is just under a point per game player his entire career. He is only 5’8 but he plays bigger than he is. His speed is off the charts and is a proven veteran.

2)      Brent Seabrook – In the past 4 years Brent has 2 Stanley Cups and one Olympic gold medal. He is a proven champion along with his Blackhawks Olympian teammates Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith, and Patrick Sharp. Say what you want but chemistry is important when it comes to a 6 game tournament. Especially when these athletes only have a week and a half to prepare for the games.

3)       Eric Stahl – Eric is a perennial goal scorer that plays with a powerful edge. He is also a Stanley cup champion gold medalist. He captains the Carolina hurricanes, which are undoubtedly a weaker team with little support. He is a game changer that controls the play and he is very versatile when it comes to positions and special teams.

All three of their track records speak for themselves. The talent that each possess should have earned them a spot on team Canada. However; there are guys on the team like Rick Nash and Patrick Marleau who will be under the gun if they don’t perform. This stage is the best of the best and Canada will have to come prepared. That means every player must know there role and be at the peak of their game.

We can analyze the fact of who should be in and who shouldn’t but at the end of the day if team Canada doesn’t come home with a gold medal Steve Yzerman along with his staff will take the heat.


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